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Get Connected


People can easily attend church, be part of a large crowd but never really get involved, or make friends, develop their spiritual gifts and be accountable in a practical way. Getting connected fulfills these important elements of chruch life which include care, discipleship, ministry, and outreach. As we get bigger, we have to get smaller at the same time - we do this through connecting with groups.


We are small groups of people who meet together regularly in an informal envirmonment - usually in homes or work places, but potentially anywhere! We would therefore encourage everybody to not only attend Saturday night or the Sunday morning Service, but also get connected during the week. For information contact us.

Lake Cowichan Christian Fellowship:

Life Goup Bible Studies:

Tuesday  - Adult Life Group at the church @ 7 pm

Wednesday - Discipleship 101 Classes 10:30am  

Legacy Builders (Adults 50+)

Every 3rd Wednesday - Luncheon at the church @ 11:30 am.


Youth Explosion

Friday at the church @ 7:00pm Grades 6-12

                  Action packed fun! Hang out, have fun and learn about God


                  Young Adults

                  To be announced

                  Call for Info


South Cowichan Christian Fellowship

Life Group Bible Study
Thursday   @ 7:00 pm (House Group)


Youth Explosion

To be announced

Coming soon


Service at Shawnigan Lake Community Centre

Saturday @  7:00pm




Services Available to You

Prayer for all circumstances

Counseling Services Available

Spiritual Guidance Health & Wellness  

Life Coaching - Kande Hale (Certified Life Coach) -