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Lake Cowichan Christian Fellowship

 Living life on the edge.


Our Focus:

Here at LCCF/SCCF we believe in living life on the edge in passionate faith resonating in the lives of people in the church and the community. We long to see the Holy Spirit transform people's lives encouraging them in authentic Christian living and helping them succeed in their dreams and passions. God deeply cares about the community, Canada and the world and we want our lives and our church to reflect this compassion.


We value people.

We value missions.

We value the awesome presence of an loving and irresistible God.

We value the Holy Spirit's empowering in every day of life. We value God's word as the authority for faith and life.

We value the power of prayer that touches heaven and changes lives.

We value our community

We value You!


Our Mission is to see God glorified in lives by discipling and equipping people to experience a life of empowered jubilant living.


PAOC  Pentecostal Assemblies Of Canada